ABOUT the Creative Excellence Awards

Recognizing, Awarding, & Promoting Creative Excellence

The objective of The Creative Excellence Awards is to recognize, award, and promote unique and exceptional creativity in graphic design, branding, and website design.

Open to all individual creatives, design agencies and/or creative studios of all sizes, The Creative Excellence Awards aims to become the most inclusive, accessible, and prestigious creative competition. We welcome entries from all over the world and believe in providing a fair and equal chance of winning to all participants, regardless of project budget or company size.

In an industry that is constantly growing, evolving, and changing, our mission is to recognize, promote, and celebrate the achievements of the best, brightest and most innovative creatives in the industry and provide a platform to showcase their excellent work while receiving recognition from their peers, enthusiasts, and leaders.

We are always seeking to improve and evolve to reflect the changing needs and trends of the creative industry in order to ensure that it remains relevant and inclusive for all participants. If you have any suggestion for us, please feel free to contact us at info@CreativeExcellenceAwards.com.

Why Enter?


get your work endorsed by the top creative industry experts.

Connect & engage With the creative community & potential clients.

How it works

Each submission is thoroughly reviewed and rated by our expert jury, made up of some of the best creative directors, graphic designers, developers, and industry leaders. Submissions that earn the highest ratings within their respective category receive a Creative Excellence Award.

A total of 1-3 winners are selected from each category and receive custom digital award badges to be featured on their website, social media, and/or promotional materials. Each winner is also publicly recognized and promoted for their creative excellence and featured on our website, e-newsletters, and press releases for the year.

ELIGIBILITY & Guidelines

The Creative Excellence Awards is open to all individual creatives and organizations of all sizes that create digital or print designs, websites, marketing and advertising campaigns, social media projects and other related design projects.

We welcome entries from all over the world and believe in providing a fair and equal chance of winning to all participants, regardless of project budget or company size.

However, we highly recommend providing an English version of your submission if possible. If your entry is in a foreign language and reviewed by an English-speaking judge, it will be translated using translation tools.

There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit or the number of categories you may enter. Submitting your entry in multiple categories may increase your chances of winning an award for your project. The contact person who submits the entry will receive all communications regarding The Creative Excellence Awards competition. Only the contact person may make changes to an entry.

All entries received will be reviewed and evaluated by our expert judges. Any submissions deemed inappropriate or discriminatory and offensive in nature will be disqualified with no refund of fees. Therefore, we encourage all participants to submit entries that are respectful, inclusive, and suitable for all audiences. Please review our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.